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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

EDF and the Olympics

I am rather annoyed and others seem to be too with the latest EDF energy advert on national television. The ad tells us how important it is for our lives to be graced by EDF which is great as I am one of their customers but then it goes on to say that the '.. Olympics are 100 years old..' then blah blah blah, this is such a misrepresentation of history as the Olympics are of course 4,500 (approximately) years old and they certainly didn't start in Streatham Hill 100 years ago! It's insulting to the Greeks who are of course the first to head the Olympic parade and of course the games cannot start before the flame is brought over from Olympia not the one in Kensington!!

Will someone in EDF go and change the content of the ad please? It is incorrect, next you know we will be seeing a remake of Troy with a Costa cafe on the beach? Get it right or don't bother!!

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