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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Talent shows? Or the Simon Cowell show?

For talent shows read Simon Cowel enterprise. And this is fundamentally wrong and against, in my opinion and that of many others, the public interest.

It cannot be right that a creative nation like Britain has allowed for the hegemony of one person. It is not right that youth and popular culture is so controlled by one man and those he chooses to be on 'panels'. In fact the talent shows (as they are allegedly called) are about the panel of judges and not those who take part.

I didn't watch 'Britain has no talent' but I understand that the person who won wasn't the expected winner. I am hoping this is because the general public are rebelling against the hegemony of the few who are controlling what we watch. If this was any other industry the monopolies commission would be called in to investigate. Nothing against Simon Cowel at all but the way the media is being manipulated is not acceptable. Time for the publicly owned BBC channels to offer an independent alternative.

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