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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Prince Phillip

The thousands of readers who never look at this blog would know that I have an opinion about almost everything and anything and royalty is no exception. I remain strongly agnostic about whether there is any value in having a royal family and the others that hang on around them instead of an elected president. There are arguments on both sides and when a real red blooded socialist like John Prescott has does not hesitate to wear the lordship title it makes me wonder whether anyone is really bothered about having a republic?

Anyway Prince Phillip is of course Greek by birth as he was born in Greece. His title of Prince comes from his connection with the Greek royals otherwise he would just be a Duke. So the nonsense said in the press about him being German is stupid. The guy was born in Greece and so was his father? Although of course the Queen herself and her line of descent is German as well but no one says she is German? The hypocrisy of the press ah? lol

Apart from that he is a fellow Gemini and has a sense of humour so whether I like royals or not I would like to wish him a happy birthday. A royal family consisting just of the head of state and the immediate family would perhaps be ok there is no point having all the others hanging around with titles as long as their arms. We are all equal and they are no different to anyone else but the head of state performs a job so lets leave it at that, otherwise you will have President Blair or Cameron? The expression Yach and no thanks.. comes to mind!!

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