nick venedi

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Ken Livigstone

Well the election campaign to get our Ken ( not the one married for the 5th time to Deidre Barlow) to the position of Mayor for London should have started, I know the rules say you can only do so much but there are a lot of photo opportunities that Boris is taking advantage of that our Ken is not and given my interest in seeing Ken elected I would suggest that he needs to start creating opportunities? I am amazed, for example not to have seen him at a festival that attracted around 40,000 people in Alexandra Palace this week! Sort your self out Ken (Meaning his PR people) As Bruce Forsyth once said 'photo opportunities make prices..' get on with it! Its simple when it comes to winning you must want it so bad you will do anything even put up with people like me telling you what to do??

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