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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Low content on telly land?

There seems to be a crisis of content as far as British telly is concerned right now what with East Enders looking more like Miserable all the time Enders and with so called talent shows dominating our screens.

The latest of these, 'Britain has no talent' is taking the biscuit I think. I am all for fellow citizens exhibiting their talents (or making a fool of themselves) but it is a mystery to me and many others as to how the judges on the panel are selected? No idea why most of them are making the decisions they make why on earth is McIntyre and Hassalot on the panel? What do they know or understand?

Thank God for Coronation street I say where real life characters like Steve MacDonald and Deidrie Barlow Rashid are shown, we would not have credible soap in this country if it wasn't for them!!

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