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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Greek crisis

I was in Athens 2 weeks ago on the 20th day of protests. People are constantly on the streets in most major cities protesting against further austerity measures. I had the feeling that the battle in Athens was more of a fight between the capitalist system and ordinary people who are not prepared to take any more.

The Voulli ton Ellinon (Greek parliament) has started the debate before the vote is taken tomorrow, the government will need 151 votes to push the measures through. The opposition ND (Conservative) are doing their best to ensure that the government loss the vote, and despite the fact that I also reject the austerity measures the truth is the opposition would not have a bloody clue on what to do and how to save the country. It was, after all, during their five years in power that the country was forced into the current position, so the opposition are being totally reckless and irresponsible. The power now rests with the people who have had enough and it looks to me like Greece would take the default road and revert to the old drachma, this of course does not mean immediate salvation as the debts will remain where they are. Bugger knows how we get out of this one now!

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