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Friday, 27 May 2011

War criminals

It is right and proper that the Serbian commander largely responsible for mass murder should be brought to justice and it is correct that we in the West should be ready to stop genocide. The international Rule of Law principle should apply everywhere and irrespective of who we are dealing with.

That is why I am angry that those who have committed murder and violated international law during the invasion of Cyprus, a European country and now a member of the EU, should also be brought to justice.

It is a disgrace that Britain, which was one of the 3 a guarantor powers after the Cyprus treaty of 1960 did not take action to stop the invasion. James Callaghan mentions the fact that 'he thought about it' in 1974 but thinking about it and doing it are two distinct actions. Why does the international community tolerate the continuous occupation of 37% of the Republic's territory? It means that Turkey is in real terms occupying part of EU territory? Yet nothing is being done to change this? Who is responsible for instigating the 1974 coup? We all know it was Henry Kissinger who did not, in his own words, want to see Cyprus turning into another Cuba of the Med...

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