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Monday, 16 May 2011

BA and Unite

It appears that the 'deal' proposed by the new boss of BA will be accepted by the majority of cabin crew Unite members and this will see the end of the long and bitter dispute. Well done the cabin crew!

It's good that the conflict may be coming to an end but BA management need to learn from this experience the fact is that they lost many customers during the troubles. I for one used to be a long frequent flyer with them and I travel to mainland Europe at least 5 times a year but have not done this in the lat 18 months. Now I know am not that importnat but am sure if people like me refused to use BA 5 times then many others did the same, so BA management need to learn that cutting your face to spite your nose is not a very good alternative to dispute resolution....

On the other hand I am glad that this conflict could be ending coz I liked the idea of being able to book the seat I want to seat in well in advance... Sort your selfs out BA management!

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