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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Vote Labour

Another election outside London today and the vote for to decided on the AV system as well.

Agree with fellow blogger Jon of the Rogers that we should all vote Labour and understand that he will be spearheading the Labour victory in the green pink shires of down Town Brighton I am sure Labour will be successful

On the other hand I do not agree with Ed Milliband and his support of the AV system and if I was a cynic I would think that his support for this idiotic system is to do with the fact that he managed to get elected because of a similar system himself and despite the fact that the majority of Labour party members and MPs did not vote for him. The AV system works well in the Fiji islands and Papua New G but it wont work here so we should all vote against this half baked idea served to us by some in the so called political class, its a total nonsense and Deidre Barlow Rashid would never understand it or Pat Butcher to be honest!

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