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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Cheryl Cole

Well the sage goes on and it is now obvious that the 4th place on the UK version of the X Factor was already preserved for Cheryl Cole, she will be with Gary Barlow and Louie Walsh plus another. This is perhaps the worst kept secret in the country.

I have a lot of time for Gary Barlow and Louie Walsh has got experience of managing successful bands so they both make the grade but I am still wondering why Cheryl is meant to be the best discovery (talent wise) since green olives? Can someone explain? Its like the panel on the Britain has no talent thing where we have that American guy from banana bay series and the 'comedian' McIntyre someone? Are we so short on talent? How about they get Brendon Barber or someone it would make more sense? Or Bob Crow he would be bloody good!

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