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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Television and responsibilities

It is a fact that many people if not the vast majority watch a lot of telly. It is for that reason that those making programmes have a duty and a responsibility to keep a balance. This is especially the case with the BBC given that I am paying for what they produce.

It is not acceptable for example for Newsnight to have a panel of 6 members debating the AV system a few nights ago with six white males?? How does that achieve fairness and a balance? Could the BBC not get any women to appear and could they not even find a member with an 'ethnic' background? This is totally unacceptable and should be contested!! And then we had the young voters debate with 4 white males and two females and a Chair who could not control and allowed one of those males on the panel to dominate and cut the others out? Not to mention the fact that there was a distinct lack of young people on this panel?? Where the hell do they get the producers from??

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