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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Regional Council 25 May

As expected not enough delegates attended today's Regional Council meeting held in Euston. A number of those attending questioned the regional team about this. I think it is a legitimate concern and delegates have the right to ask questions.

The meeting had 3 speakers who were invited in advance. One of the delegates wanted to ask a question after the first speaker had finished delivering his 'long speech' but the Chair ruled that she would not be taking questions from the floor at which point half of those attending walked out.

My take on this is that the Chair could have allowed brief questions but for more than 20 people to walk out before the next speaker came on was wrong and it showed disrespect to the the activist who accepted the invitation and had nothing to do or is involved with the internal politics of Unison. So lets have some balance from both sides in future please?

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