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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Sharon Shoestring

The tragic case of baby P shook everyone and those responsible for his death have now been punished as they are in jail where they belong hopefully for a very long time.

But Ed Balls was wrong to react the way he did at the time and blaming those who work in a very over stretched stressful department was not the right thing to do. He reacted to pressure from the public and looked for a sacrifice. I would have thought that the right person to get the blame, if that is what the country was looking for, would have been himself, he should have resigned for failure to ensure that Councils like Haringey are adequately resourced. He is just another one of many career politicians motivated by self preservation. Shoestring should have been more effective in her job but not allowing her to respond to a report that dismissed her was unfair dismissal.

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