nick venedi

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

AV debate on BBC3

A rather poor debate on BBC3 last night chaired by Richard Bacon who couldn't clearly control the members of the panel and as a result allowed the male participants to dominate the debate. I was amazed how out of control David Starky was but then again it is the job of the chair to ensure that this sort of behaviour doesn't happen? The female panel member sitting next to DS was often not allowed to finish her contribution. BBC controllers must do more to make sure that there is a a balance when there is a debate.


  1. I thought it was a disgrace and the BBC should be ashamed. One young woman trying to make a point v. all those fogies. Why not have someone from the electoral reform society as her ally - the lib dem MP was a dead loss.

  2. Absolutely agree, I am all for freedom of expression and for allowing the BBC to use creative methods to improve programmes but their choice of who goes on panels and the equality dimension has been appauling lately.