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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Independent Scotland?

Well the SNP have scored a major victory and of course full credit to the SNP for conducting a very efficient campaign.

I have to confess that I have a soft spot for Scotland the Scottish people always remind me (in some ways) of my own country of origin, Greece. We are of similar size and have faced similar turmoils historically speaking. Not too happy with Lord Elgin but hey there is bad in every thing...

Saying that I would not want to presume that I can tell them whether becoming independent is a good idea or not. The argument for and against are strong on both sides of the divide. An independent Scotland will be financially stronger and the theory that Scotland needs England to survive is total macaroni! Scotland will also be welcomed by the other states of Europe and the world with open arms they will also win the Eurovision song contest if they stood on their own as they will be more popular! loll..

On the other hand the Queen may be unhappy with losing part of her kingdom and the link with the other constituent nations will be weaker. I am sure the Scottish people will make the right decision. Europe loves Scotland I know that for a fact!

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