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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Unison retired members

There are around 17,000 retired Unison members in the London region and around 140,000 in the whole country. Put it in another way the RM division in the whole of London could be one of the largest branches in the capital or the national collective would have the same numerical strength as the London region!

We are talking about people who spend anything from 20 to 45 years working in the public sector with vast knowledge and experience who are still physically active but not working, people who could be helping branches with all sorts of TU related activities so there is a clear need for a more defined role and more involvement. I know that the London region has started working on increasing the role of RM's and I also know that my own branch, Lambeth local government, is dedicated to helping out the branch in its current struggles in fighting cuts in jobs and services.

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