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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Midsummer murder something

I am given to understand from reliable sources ( a newspaper article I have just seen) that Brian True-May has been suspended by production company All3Media pending an internal investigation (strange that he can be suspended as he is the owner?) because of comments he 'allegedly' made concerning the so called appeal of the programme ( is it a programme?) Midsummer murdering something.

He allegedly said that the 'show' is popular because there are no ethnic minority characters shown in it. A bit, if you prefer, like the Australian soap operas based in Melbourne with a 50% ethnic minority population and a 98% White, blue eyed blond cast!!

Well I don't know how true these allegations are but if true then Brian True something should get out more and mix with real people?

On a very serious note major television companies should not be allowing untrue and unrepresentative shows on our screens. The Australian soaps I referred to before are a good example of what I mean. Lets have a bit of fantasy but lets not keep undermining people from minority backgrounds with constant reminders of how wonderful it is not to have them around??

1 comment:

  1. Nick, this is surely political correctness gone wrong? The man made a stupid comment and now he is being crucified? Come on!