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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Hands off our pensions campaign

I am reproducing an email I received today from Barbara an activist leading the campaign against the attack on our pensions. This is perhaps one of the bigest priorities we should all be concentrating on as the Con the Libs government is so determined to make us all pay for mistakes by those who are now getting huge bonuses in the city!!

Hi -
Just 3 weeks ago, I started the ‘hands off our pensions’ petition because I was so frustrated and angry when I found out I will have to wait an extra 2 years before I get my State Pension.
I knew that lots of other women about my age would be in the same boat - but the response we’ve had has been incredible. Over 7,500 people have already added their voices to our campaign.
And today I’m asking you to email your MP to ask them to support our campaign too:
Thousands of women have got in touch to tell us how worried they are. The more stories I hear about other women who, like me, are suddenly faced with the prospect of up to 2 more years at work, the more I want to make sure I do everything I can to get this government to drop their unfair plans.
We’ve worked hard for our pensions, and it’s wrong to move the goalposts so close to retirement.
Together we’ve run a great campaign so far – but now it’s time to ask our Members of Parliament to say ‘hands off our pensions’ too. Emailing your MP is really easy. If you enter your postcode it will set it all up for you – and you can personalise your email with your own story if you like.
These pension changes are unnecessary and unfair – let’s keep the pressure up so the government knows we won’t accept them without a fight.

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