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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Telly watch

The thousands, if not millions of regular readers who don't read this splendid blog would know that I have been rather busy lately with advising Nick Clegg on how to send the Lib Dem party to oblivion avenue but I am taking a break now as it is obvious that the man does not need that much help, he is doing well on his own! We of course share the same name and we both have a passion for Flamingo dancing (got mine from exposure to Andalusia from my Spanish ex)

So I have a little window of opportunity now to deal with my other interest which revolves around criticising telly programmes and of course there are so many to chose now what with having 238.5 channels.

The first thing to say about the telly what we been subjected to is that most of it is inflicted on us by the commercial world meaning that there is a bloody break every few minutes. I know that most of the people I know get angry when their remote control lands them on a commercial break. Thank God there are a few BBC stations with no such breaks so the advise is to switch over to them. I shall return to my armchair critics role soon when I manage to sit down and watch a documentary or something.

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