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Saturday, 19 March 2011

In a Forest dark and deep

Went to see this play, In a forest dark and deep, with a friend the other day at the Vaudeville theatre in the strand with Matthew Fox and Olivia Williams.

I was expecting to be bored half way through the play mainly because I am not too keen on spending 2 hours listening to two people talking to each other (sounds like a Convenors committee meeting..) but I was surprised that my interest was retained throughout.

The play is about the dysfunctional relationship between two people in the middle of a forest one rainy night who are related. The brother is what I understand to be a typical American 'I know it all guy' with firm beliefs in the nonsense he subscribes to. He thinks he is morally justified to hold racists and homophobic ideas and is basically someone who hates women even though he tries to play the big brother part. The sister on the other hand is a confused middle age woman who is obviously oppressed by the entire social system and has resorted to using her good looks to get attention from men that are basically using her? The brother is a nasty piece of work and has that typical problem of thinking that he can use his physical powers over those less powerful than himself. I hate that type of a person.

Anyway worth going to see the play if you have two hours to spare down the Strand or if you prefer to do this rather than a trip down Sainsburys?

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