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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Half a million on the march...

What can I say, other than it was a great day on the long march. Here some of the pictures of the Lambeth and South London alliance march which fed into the mainstream demonstration...
The Lambeth banner was held by Gary Whitting, Chair and Reg Morrison, Vice chair with many others marching near them. United we will defeat them...


  1. Nick, your photos are reflective of a wonderful, inspirational day. It is a shame that the media have chosen to focus solely on the events of later that evening at Picadilly Circus and Leicester Sq. The young people of UK Uncut are justifiably angry at the devastation facing the poorest in our society to the benefit of the richest; however, equal or more media coverage should have been given to the hundreds of thousands who took part in the main TUC demo. Shame, particularly on the BBC, whose coverage was disturbingly subjective.

  2. Well said Hassina you are absolutely right. It was a wonderful day I just hope that our leadership follows what we all did yesterday with some concrete plans and action to defeat the savage attack on all of us. Your picture are the best I think... x