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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The English National Ballet

Agony and Ecstacy is a superb if not brilliant and above average in terms of content and general interest documentary produced by and shown on BBC4 following the English National Ballet company over a one year period.

There are 3 episodes, called Agony and Ecstasy (nothing to do with recreational activities..) in the series which is shown over a 3 week period. Remarkable to see how hard the ballet dancers and those in supporting roles work to produce what is perhaps the most interesting and fascinating of all arts (matter of taste and opinion of course) Lenin was a keen follower after all...

Vadim Muntagirov, a 20-year-old Russian dancer started the first episode. He ends up saving the company by doing a good job in his first major role with 38-year-old Daria Klimentov√°, supposedly past her best. Enter director Derek Deane, the commander in Chief and disciplinarian director who manages to terrify everyone but also produces the results.

The second episode, which was shown last night, focuses amongst other things, on how the company is affected by the coalition government decision to cut the ENB grant by 10% with the dancers and the reps attending several meetings to negotiate the avoidance of redundancies. Lets hope the wreck less government does not manage to destroy what must be a example of excellence and creativity with their obsession to reduce costs. Who the beggar voted the Libs in?? I would like to see Vince Cable in a ballerina dress, see how he manages! (or maybe not..)

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