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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Libya. Selective morality?

Watched an excellent programme this morning on BBC I player where George Galloway and Ken Livingstone, plus a few others, were debating with an audience of under 25s, the 'merits' of going to war in Libya. Richard Bacon was the unlikely chair who, as expected , was totally incapable of managing the robust Mr Galloway. Some would say that this was the GG show with our Ken also making a positive contribution to the discussions. George did, of course, dominate the entire show...

Cut a short story long the others argued that the Intervention was justified for moral reasons at which point our 'gorgeous' George (he is beginning to grow on me) put them in their place.

It of course amazes me to think that those managing and controlling what goes in the news don't understand that ordinary people can make their own minds up. Why didn't we interfere in Rwanda or Cyprus in 1974 for example where more than 2000 civilians were killed by the Turkish military? And this was around the corner from here with Britain being a guarantor power?? Where was the bloody morality with that example?? George am sure can tell us! Worth mentioning how worthless Brian Sewals input was, makes me wonder why the BBC chooses pointless panelists like him? My neighbours friend Sharon would have done a better job!

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