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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

English National Ballet

The final episode of Agony and Ecstasy was shown on BBC4 last night justifying the fact that I have to pay my television licence fee. Good work from auntie BBC.

The 3 part series followed the English National Ballet company and looked at what happens behind the scenes as major productions are being prepared. Last nights final episode was about the production of Nutcracker by Wayne Eagling a disorganised perfectionist who became obsessed with small detail. Perhaps that is the secret of his genius?

The episode showed us how intensive preparations can be and how hard it is to keep in good physical order to achieve what the dancers have delivered. Inspires me to make sure I increase my visits to the gym! The company is also the victim of government cut backs. Hoping that there will be some representation of the ENB at the march on Saturday?

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