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Monday, 20 April 2009

Why the Labour party is the only choice

I was able to watch national television a few hours on Sunday morning and was unfortunate enough to witness the idiotic talk by the shadow Chancellor (Tory) on the Andrew Marr show (show? what does that mean?? Thought shows had dancers in them?) The shadow Chancellor couldn't help himself but blame all the world problems on the Labour government and the public sector workers. What shocked me is the time he spend stating categorically that public sector pensions must be reformed and changed and that would be his priority. He used words like 'the benefits received by public sector workers is indefensible' and he made it absolutely clear that any Tory government will make an attack against us as their number one priority! As though any one had any dobuts before...

So let there be no doubt as to who the enemy are. Its the Tory party in waiting and those who are helping them by creating divisions amongst the progressive forces of the Labour party. The message to comrades on the far left, or the Peoples Judean Front, or Judean Peoples Front (the disorganised left as I call them) is that at least real Labour and traditional party members are still alive and active and will fight to ensure that a new Labour government continuous to support the aspirations of working people and will produce legislation like the Minimum Wage and better maternity and paternity leave. Stop the divisions and concentrate on what the real fight is and will soon be!
There is nothing wrong with having a collective of good activists running the NEC so vote for people who you think will represent your interests irrespective of what others say they do. We know who the good activists in London are so lets vote them in! Look at my entry on the 15th April.

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