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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Battle of Lichtenstein!

Well it looks like the world economy will be saved after all as Lichtenstein has agreed to regulate deposits and open up! In other words a tiny state with a population of around 20,000 will save the world by regulating its banking system? I think not.
The summit, so far, appears to be a photo opportunity for world leaders with big heads who see it as a photo opportunity. What with Sarcosi and the German Chancellor having their own press conference to match that of the British and Americans. In other words the divisions that allowed us in the first place to ensure that there is no communication between major players continuous! And where were the Chinese I ask?
On a different note President Obama looked and sounded good at the joint conference giving measured responses to questions from journalist. He is an inspiration and I am thinking that this charismatic leader could, after all, have a major contribution to make. Good bye Bush! Also loved the bit where Michele Obama (the new Jacquie Kennedy?)gave the Queen a hug, the British press described this as a 'gesture against protocol' What a lot of bananas I say! The Queen is a person and is an equal to any other. Drop the snobbery British press this is 2009?

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