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Friday, 10 April 2009

Felice Semana Santa - Happy Easter either this week or next week!

Easter to me signifies the change of seasons and the arrival of spring. This was probably why the ancient people had a festival around this time of year and we have continued this tradition since the arrival of Christianity.
It always, however, amazes me that the Orthodox and Catholic Churches (including the Protestants) celebrate the period on different dates and it makes me wonder why we have not been able to sort that one out! Why do we have Western Good Friday today and Orthodox Good Friday next week? Why not the same day? If my father is to be believed this is done because flights from London to Athens or London to Moscow (another centre of Orthodoxy) are cheaper a week later! This is, unfortunately for my father not correct. It is more to do with whichever calendar we all use. But even that don't make sense as the Greek Orthodox church (not the Russian) celebrates every other event, including Christmas, on the same day as the West. My point here is that if we can move dates (like we do with Unison AGM's) to suit everyone why can't we do the same for Easter? It will make life easier for all of us and it will mean that I won't have two entries in my calendar! I shall be writing to the Patriarch of Constantinople to ask him this question (but won't hold my breath for a reply)
Happy Easter to everyone who is taking time off! I hope Salisbury's is opened as I got no food for the dog!!
Nick Venedi

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