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Thursday, 23 April 2009

St George for England!?

Happy England day for those who chose to celebrate it and please think again to those who come up with arguments against having such an event.
Richard the Lion Heart (rumour has it he was a member of the SDP) introduced the concept and the English flag (red cross white background) in the 12th century. Shakespeare was born on the 23rd of April ( I know about the issues around whether he existed )
There is nothing wrong with having a specific day where England as a country is remembered. We have St Patricks day for Ireland St Andrews day for Scotland and St David for Wales so why not have a day for England? I was born in England ( although I wasn't brought up here ) and consider this country to be my home. My family celebrate the 25th of March which is the Hellenic national day (coincides with Santa Maria day)
I am in agreement that what needs to be explored is whether the link between a religious day and a national day is acceptable in a multi cultured multi religious and atheist modern state but putting a day aside to say this is a day to remember where we are and have a day off is not a bad idea. We need to relax a bit more about these issues and aim for equality amongst the other nations within the U.K (don't shoot me all at once!) And what a disgrace that the BBC news has not even mentioned the day! They mentioned Katie Price and Peter Andre joking in LA but didn't think that mentioning England day is important? St George was after all a Roman soldier who protested about the treatment of Christians in Syria by the Romans so he was, in a way, taking industrial action something which we should sympathise with?

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