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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

NEC Elections and negative comments

Well it hasn't been that bad so far but a few errors have been made in my opinion.
First the UL needs to reply to comments about why they did not put up more women and Black candidates and second targeting specific individuals on a personal basis (not by the UL) is not nice, right or acceptable unless it happens to be based on fact.
The UL needs to answer the question re women and Black candidates.
Those choosing to target and make personal criticisms of Marsha Jane should consider the impact this would have on their own credibility. I have worked with Marsha (and indeed I wrote a thesis with her a few years ago on the Labour movement) and I know her to be a hard working fighter who is trying her best to help and support members in a male dominated TU movement. Why are these 'critics' not attacking any of the other women candidates on the UL ticket? What is so different about Marsha? Is she really such a big threat or is it because she is young? We should also not forget that we need to be encouraging young members to become more active and must not be intimidated by younger women who want to make a difference? So tone it done guys and focus on real time criticism?
Plus I want to see more about what both sides want to be doing to stop the Tories from winning the next election? That is the real threat! And Jon Rogers would do better by reducing the size of his contributions on his blog as most of us would only read 2 or 3 paras at a time (busy and all that?)
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  1. Its obvious who you are supporting Nick? Shame really as you know the united lot are anti trade union.

  2. The number of general seats are minimal compared to the total on the nec most seats are designated to either female/male/black young etc

    Your right efforts should be made to stand women/black/LGBT candidates in those seats - but isn't it better to have someone who will stand up for equalities - just simply being a woman doesn't mean your going to speak up for womens rights - most of the women standing in the general seat are incumbents and havent shown much feminism as yet.

    In addition the right wing are not standing any black members in those seats either, hypocritical much...

  3. Anon at 10.03

    I am not supporting one ticket I have made it clear before that I look at all individuals who are standing and have stated what I know they have done and what (in my opinion) they are capable of doing. I missed June Nelson by mistake but I think she has done quite a lot and has worked hard to stand up for members interests. Apologies to June who worked so closely with me and Cindy on establishing the first diversity Forum in 2001. I would def encourage people to vote for her.

  4. Anon at 10.05

    I decided not to publish your comments as they were too personal and very negative (acknowledge not against me but..) and your point about blogs not being read by many people might be right and might also be wrong. Who knows..? All the best but I think you can be critical and not nasty with it!

  5. So will you be voting for Louise Cooling and June Nelson then or what?

  6. Anon at 8.33

    I shall be voting for a colection of good hard working people who have done a good job as individuals before these people may not be from the same 'political' persuasion but I think that is a positive and not a negative thing. At the end of the day everyone standing is a genuine trade unionist otherwise they wouldn't have given their careers up (as many of us have) to do what we do. A good mix will do the union a big favour! And I know Dave Prentis likes a challenge!

  7. Hi Nick,
    What do you think about the United Left website only publishing manifestos for white candidates and none of the black or low-paid candidates?
    OK, they might not have put up more black candidates, but I would have thought they would want to ensure that those they were supporting had their voices heard?

  8. Hello Andy at 7.39

    I would agree that the UL have not done their homework or put a lot of effort in getting Black and low paid candidates to stand. I am not, as far as I am concerned, supporting tickets but look at what individuals have done or think they are capable of doing for us and supporting them. All sides (if there is such a thing) have made errors but all sides have individuals amongst them who will bring their own skills and abilities to the table and make good NEC members. So I still support Jon Rogers who is such a great fighter with knowledge second to none and has bags of charisma (which intimidates some) I think Marsha has a lot of energy and she shuld be given a chance to show what she can do, Mandy could be good, June Nelson is a good straight talker, Louise Cooling has strengths, Glen Kelly has a record of speaking his mind and P Watkins is simply a nice person and we need nice people?

    But I criticised the UL for missing the point during the Regional Council election and this is well documented on my blog near the time. That does not mean that individuals within that slate are not capable or could not do a very good job. Diversity of skills is a strength. Look at the individuals is my advice to everyone who cares to ask for my opinion?

    Thanks for your comments
    Nick Venedi