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Monday, 27 April 2009

The Equality Bill and the pay gap

Good to know that the Equality Bill will make organisations produce and publish figures showing the pay differences between men and women at the work place. This will not resolve the problem on its own but will be a first step towards achieving equality. Time to move on and remove the old prejudices and stop allowing commercial companies hide behind the protection of anonymity.
There have been reports and studies published previously demonstrating that the gap between the sexes is unacceptable and that Britain ranks 26th position in the world on this with countries like the Philippines and Russia being at the top and doing much better. This can't be right and it doesn't make economic sense workers should be rewarded for the what they do and their value recognised irrespective of gender or race.
Forcing companies and public sector organisations to release meaningful figures will allow for TU's to work towards achieving the change. And Unison is of course now leading on this. More should also be done to ensure that the gap between Black and White is also narrowed. But well done to the Labour government for pushing this through we all know that the Tories would not have allowed this!

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