nick venedi

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Welcome President Obama

For me the G20 summit will be nothing other than a talking shop where 'world leaders' will be competing with each other to score points.

The main event is the arrival of President Obama who is an inspiration to many of us especially those who, for years, were made to think that colour was a barrier to achievement. His popularity and tremendous victory in the US is a triumph of meritocracy over old established views and ideas on race.

I hope that there will be some positive proposals made by those representing the world at the G20 but I remain sceptical and critical of a system that has failed the world so many times in the past and continuous to do so. I will be following what President Obama says and does with interest.


  1. You should be comdeming the capitalist system mate!

  2. Hello Anon (God there;s so many of you..)

    It isn't, of course, as simple as that but I did state that the system (i.e the capitalist one) has failed again? And of course we are all paying the price for bankers (sure there is a w missing there) have got away with it. That does not mean that people have the right to go and burn London down? (am sure you are not saying that..)