nick venedi

Friday, 3 April 2009


Well the London show is over and the G20 summit has come to an end with decisions about spending trillions of dis billions of money to rescue the world economy that should not have needed any rescuing if responsible governments had the brains to regulate the finance industries in the first place. But like everyone else I hope that the fantasy measures adopted yesterday will work?
The London summit or show over and President Obama is off to France to preside over the NATO meeting. NATO leaders will be meeting to discuss militarism in action and celebrating 60 years of the alliance. An alliance that did not prevent two key members in 1974, Greece and Turkey from going to war (there was no war declared but around 3,000 troops from both sides were killed ) not a very good achievement and one to be proud of? There has also been a number of other near misses since then. NATO converts would of course argue that it could have been worse had NATO not been formed but that is no comfort to the relatives of those who suffered in 1974. Turkey continuous to occupy part of Cyprus since then and NATO has not been able to 'facilitate' a solution between two 'allies', I would say that was a huge failure! Europe should organise independently of the USA and not depend on the Americans for running the continent! The UN is a viable alternative to any military alliance give them more power!

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