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Saturday, 9 April 2016

vote leave

own interests in the EU referendum debate, former Labour Foreign Secretary Lord Owen kicked off Vote Leave’s “Save Our NHS” campaign, the EU’s own border agency highlighted how our membership makes us less safe, and Scottish Vote Leave launched with cross-party and business support.

Government waste taxpayers’ money on EU Propaganda
The Government will go to any lengths to win the referendum and try to keep us in the European Union – even if it means breaking promises they made in Parliament. Number 10’s decision this week to spend £9.3 million of YOUR money on pro-EU propaganda is in defiance of the fact that just a few months ago the Government promised that it would not send out any leaflets supporting either campaign.
These glossy 16-page mailshots are going out at a time of ‘austerity’, wasting nearly £10 million of taxpayers’ money to try and keep us trapped inside a dysfunctional EU. David Cameron has been trying to avoid answering questions all week about how he benefits from his offshore trust, but is willing to spend YOUR money on pro-EU leaflets. After we Vote Leave, we can spend this money on our priorities such as the NHS.
This misuse of public money means that the referendum will not be fought on a level playing field. The IN campaign can spend nearly two and a half times as much we are legally able to. But your response has been overwhelming. In the 24 hours after the Government announced its costly leaflet we received thousands of pounds in donations – and there's still time to donate. The spending caps begin in just a few days' time – so it’s more important than ever to make a donation to our campaign. We cannot thank you enough.

Nick Venedi 

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