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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Nick Venedi

Greek islanders nominated for Nobel

My thoughts are with the islanders and many volunteers who are spending vast amount of effort and time helping Syrian refugees who had no choice other than to leave their war torn country.

An online campaign run by the grassroots Avaaz platform for residents of the Greek islands of the Eastern Aegean to be nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for their contribution in the refugee crisis has passed the halfway mark to reaching its target of 500,000 signatures.

“The native populations of the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea (and many other external, worldwide, non-profit organizations and diaspora Greeks) have done and are doing anything possible to help the displaced Syrian refugees and make them as comfortable as possible, although they themselves have very little to offer, despite being subjected to a severe economic crisis for many years,” Avaaz says in its campaign announcement. “On remote Greek islands, grandmothers have sung terrified little babies to sleep, while teachers, pensioners and students have spent months offering food, shelter, clothing and comfort to refugees who have risked their lives to flee war and terror.”

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