nick venedi

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Nick Venedi

Seems that there is no end to how stupid the EU ( leaders ) are. The use of the word leader is an absolute abuse of the term. The brain boxes of Brussells who are so obsessed and against migration from Syria have found a Blackadder type of solution. Let Turkey in with 80 million population to stop the flow of immigration from Syria a country with 8 million? First I don't think immigration from that war torn country is a major problem and second the ' move ' if we accept what the EU is worried about will produce the opposite affect? 80 million Turks will have an automatic right to move to EU countries and second those who seek asylum will just walk into Turkey to start with then move to the EU. So why don't the idiots in Brussell simply accept and support Syrian refugees who clearly need help?? Fucking do it idiots!

Nick Venedi

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