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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Leave EU

You may have seen this evening’s news. I’m sure you’re as staggered as I am to learn that the Government is going to spend more than £9 million of taxpayers’ money sending out a leaflet to every single home in the UK telling us we should stay in the EU.
They promised they wouldn't do this. Yet they are now proposing to spend more money promoting a 'Remain' vote than even the official Remain campaign will legally be able to.
We know this is a big decision, and that people are still making their minds up. That's why there will be two campaigns to try and convince voters what the best option is: Leave or Remain.
Each campaign will be allowed to raise and spend the same amount to make their case and convince the voters.
But the Government is losing the argument and it seems they don't want a fair fight.
They want to skew the debate, using tired old arguments that have long since been discredited.
And they want to do it with your money.
They are going to spend £9.3 million of YOUR hard-earned cash on these leaflets. We already send £350 million to Brussels every week – why should we hand over even more of our taxes to pay for propaganda?

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