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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Vote leave

Let's take back control. Our money, our priorities. Safety first.
This is it. The Prime Minister is in Brussels today meeting EU leaders to try to persuade them to agree to his trivial demands. He is likely to emerge in the small hours of tomorrow morning claiming a hard-fought victory – probably with a ‘new’ surprise concession – and announce that the Government will campaign for the UK to stay in the EU.
The British people will see through this charade. David Cameron has dropped nine out of ten things he wanted to change in our relationship with the EU. His deal will not deliver the ‘fundamental change’ he used to talk about, and will do nothing to take back control of our borders, our economy and our democracy. The European Court will be in charge of exactly the same things at the end of this negotiation as it is now - and the European Court will be able to throw in the bin the so-called 'concessions' like the 'emergency brake' after we've voted. Click here for our detailed analysis of the renegotiation.
This is a crucial 48 hours in the referendum campaign. We need YOUR help. Here are three things 

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