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Monday, 22 February 2016

EU The failed project

The EU was created to promote the interests of the good people of Europe but it has ended up becoming a super beast that has gone out of control.

The EU was instrumental, through the Germans, in creating the vast instability in the 80s that saw the premature recognition of Croatia and the collapse of the Yugoslavia which led to the atrocities in the Balkans. The Germans were incapable of sorting the mess they created out so they drafted the US and Britain in to sort the problem out. The EU dealt with the Euro finance crisis by imposing extreme measures on the peoples of Greece, Portugal and Spain their attitude was and still is nasty. They are also totally incapable of resolving the current refugee crisis out with little fascist states like Hungary treating refugees like animals.

Vote to leave the EU its the only way to force that nasty Levithan to reform itself! Get Britain out!!

nick venedi

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