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Monday, 8 February 2016

Simon Reeve on Greece

A hugely disappointing attempt to make a documentary programme of modern Greece by Simon Reeve who has, in the past, produced some good work.

The programme is obsessed with focusing on every negative aspect of the current situation in Greece. A country bigger is size than England ( geographically ) has more to showcase than the small little areas Simon concentrates on. It will be like making a documentary of modern England and spending most of your camera time on Camberwell or Peckham. Yes there are problems but the Greeks are dealing with them and the country has much more to offer and be proud of. And at least they don't come up with disgraceful ideas like the bedroom tax punishing those in greater need?

The other thing that will annoy most who are familiar with Greece is the simplistic analysis he used to explain the traditional gun culture in Crete. He is obsessed with showing how the native population there dislike the  Germans? That is absolutely pathetic and it does not explain why guns have been that important since 1910 ( Balkan wars ) His entire effort is unfortunately simplistic and his delivery very poor. The relatives I have living on the island of Crete would some times talk about the perceived threat from Turkey but non of them every mention the Germans or associate them with a problem? Perhaps Simon is anti German and he is trying to find a way to have a go at them? Not very good journalism!

In conclusion I would give the programme 2 out of 10 ( the sea looked very blue ) and would say Joanna Lumleys Greek Odyssey documentary in 2009 is far more realistic and superior. He should concentrate on making programmes on how strong the wind can be in Streatham to be honest!

Nick Venedi

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