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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

DVLA most incopetent department ever!

I had it with government department incompetence. Many have had problems with areas of government where everything you want to do has to be done via automated systems. The DVLA gets first price for total incompetence though.

Moved into a newly build flat 2 months ago and been trying to change the details  on my drivers licence and other related things. But of course the DVLA do not recognise the post code this is even though the royal mail system shows it up when you do a search?? I have written to the machines at DVLA but they have of course replied by sending me automated replies saying the computer says no. If they bloody bother to look for the post code by doing a search they will discover that myself and 24 other flats have existed since bloody December? How incompetent can you bloody get??

Nick Venedi

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