nick venedi

Tuesday, 23 February 2016


The PM claims that the deal is ‘legally binding’ and will change the EU Treaties in a few years. False. It is impossible for the EU’s leaders to create a legally binding agreement now that is delivered in many years’ time. The only thing that is ‘legally binding’ is changes to the Treaties. This has not happened. It may never happen. It requires the agreement of all 28 countries, often after referendums. We do not even know who the leaders will be in a few years’ time - never mind what they will agree.
The European Court is in charge of exactly the same things after the deal as it was before the deal. The European Court will be able to chuck David Cameron’s deal in the bin the day after the referendum vote. As the former Director General of the Legal Service of the EU Council said: ‘There is no possibility to make a promise that would be legally binding to change the treaty later’. This means that the Prime Minister might not even get the insignificant change he is boasting about.

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