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Friday, 12 February 2016

Poll on EU vote

I have about 200 real friends on face book and I have regular contact with about 30 of them who I see often. Based on what these 30 people say and the friends they have it would look like the majority of them would vote to stay in but then the majority of them are between 30 to 50 so I think this age group favors Europe.

On the other hand the parents of friends I have and their friends, all over 65 are saying the direct opposite and based on that I would say that there is a strong age bias when it comes to the EU with older people being more apprehensive and not wanting change. My nephews mates, all between 17 to 22 are all in favour of the Union so can I deduct any conclusions from this super scientific study? Yes I can. I am afraid that we will end up staying within the EU because the world is changing and the majority of those of us under 50 understand that ( excluding me )
Nick Venedi

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