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Friday, 10 December 2010

The long struggle?

Good news that our NEC ( Unison) have agreed to increase the money put aside to coordinate campaigning and fighting against the governments obsession to punish the public sector for mistakes made by their banking mates. Here is the link from Unison which you can look at . I am hoping that those of us at branch level, what they call grass roots, will be more involved on how to develop a nationwide campaign. There is a clear need for an intelligent sustainable and deliverable tactic to maximise success.

The other main news today of course comes from the media coverage of the student demonstrations. It is again a great pity that the very few have managed to spoil it it for the many others who congregated on the streets of London to demonstrate peacefully. There is no excuse for violence and I condemn all forms of aggression on the streets. We are not in Athens guys! The students have a legitimate right to express their frustrations and fight against the draconian measures imposed on them but they need to win the minds and hearts of the general public and smashing up parts of London will not be achieving that!

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