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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Deidre Barlow was never innocent...

I was shocked to hear last night, whilst conversing with mates in a bar somewhere in Clapham village, that following the crash of the tram into Coronation Street Ashley the butcher boy from Weatherfield revealed, just before he dropped dead (thank God for small mercies!) that Deidre Barlow, Rashid, Langton is not Innocent and that she did in fact murder the 8 pints that were missing from Emily Bishops secret cellar. The information has been passed on to police who might investigate the matter when the weather gets better. Meanwhile viewers will be upset to hear that Dev has survived the accident and will not be dying (what a f... shame!)

In a statement issued by Deidre's agent D has denied planning a 23rd affair with Liz MacDonald's husband, she said that she was interested in MacDonald's but not the Liz Mac type... whatever next!!

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