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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Join the student protests today

Thousands of students and those opposed to the ludicrous and unfair idea of imposing a huge increases in student tuition fees will be gathering in central London today to protest and remind MPs who will be voting later on in the Commons what their obligations are.

The proposal is unfair and if implemented will create an even bigger division between rich and poor students. We must not burden our young with huge debts.

Also welcome the call from our General Secretary, Dave Prentis, who urges those of us who can to join the students in a peaceful march today. Here's an extract from his statement:

' No amount of spin from the coalition government will disguise the fact that these huge rises will put off the poorer children from going to university and improving their employment chances. And higher education will become the preserve of the wealthy.We urge members to join students in their local protests and in lobbying their MPs. Outside Westminster, for example, on Thursday, 9,000 glow sticks will be lit to symbolise the £9,000 fees' increase. '

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