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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Is a blog an alternative to facebook?

Well let me start by saying that the thousands of readers who never read this blog have written in saying that perhaps there is a need to start a Socilistbook which will be an alternative to facebook, now whilst that could be a good idea I know that the average Socilaist boy and girl are very busy these days and the likelihood of that ever happening is nil, so I would suggest that right now the best alternative to facebook (which seems to get people and Bishops into trouble) is to blog.

A blog is a good way to keep in touch with people you know and those you don't but the process allows you to have a high degree of control something that appeals to me. In my case I see blogging as part of my daily routine, I wake up have a shower etc then turn on computer read email messages then an entry into the old blog, that wakes me up. Its also an alternative to doing a crossword, in addition you will end up having a record of what thoughts you had.

The disadvantage with blogging however comes from a potential employer being able to know quite a lot about you when you apply for a new job. It will take your friendly HR person a second to google you and find out that you like Kylie or Madona and that, in most cases, could be held against you. I am sure that I have been in that position myself recently when I applied for a job with BA and wasn't even shortlisted even though I was fully qualified. Are BA anti trade union? I am sure I am wrong, or it could be that my knowledge of Swedish literature put them off??

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  1. Nick, some valid points mate, perhaps you should link up with Elisabeth Winkler and expand the idea of having a collective protecting those who blog?