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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

United Cyprus

President Obama will be visiting Turkey shortly for talks with the government there. The new US ambassador in Cyprus has confirmed that the Cyprus problem will be one of President Obamas priorities. But there have been many discussions before and nothing has changed no solid or clear movement forward. There is however a bit of hope given the damage the Bush administration had inflicted with negative policies in Cyprus and the whole region.
A just solution to the Cyprus problem would have to extensively involve decisions made by both the Greek and Turkish Cypriot people. This would require Athens and Ankara to sit back and allow Cypriots to come to their own conclusions and London to stop their divide and rule approach.
Any solution would demand the demilitarisation of the island and the removal of foreign troops which includes British forces. Cyprus has suffered in the past, and present, because it has been used by imperialist powers for military reasons the Americans and the British see Cyprus as a large convenient aircraft carrier with very pleasant weather. What is for sure is that the current situation cannot be allowed to continue. It is ridiculous that we have part of the EU under occupation by foreign troops and Europe should do more to help find a solution.
A united bi communal federation is the only viable solution and the removal of all foreign troops a necessity. So the message to the external factors is very clear. Stop using the island for your own military purposes and let the people there decide and determine their own destiny.

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  1. I accept Nick Venedi's view that the British government have much to do with the division on the island but as a Turkish Cypriot I would say mainland Greece had a lot to do with the instability in 1974 which led to the war. Agree that the people of the island should sort the problem out themselves but wasn't the Anan plan in 2003 a good opportunity? I know for a fact that we can all work and live together here in London (Turkish and Greek Cypriots) so why not down there?

    TC London student UCL