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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Employment Law at Work (edited by Nick Venedi)

Welcome to this blog designed to give out some information and updates to those who want to know more about what rights they have at work. This user friendly site aims to be informative, proactive and helpful but it is not a substitute to expert technical support that can be provided by dedicated Trades Union officers or good legal advisers. Everyone reading this is strongly encouraged to join a Trades Union and if you don't have one where you work contact me and I will help you set it up!

I will be introducing and covering topics and matters of interest as these arise. Employment Law, and understanding it, can be difficult and complex but I will help you navigate through this field and whenever possible point you to the right direction.

As this is a personal blog I will also be devoting space to whatever I am involved with both in my Trades Union role and in my social outside work life. But I often find that the two often merge.

I hold some strong beliefs and will continue campaigning for freedom of expression, international issues, animal rights, Equalities for minority groups, fairness at work. I am a Reformist and 'sceptical' member of the Labour party. But I believe in discipline and know that reform is only possible from within. I am also a Euro Federalist and a Republican. I may respect some of the individual members of the 'Royal family' but I find the concept completely out of date, irrelevant and pointless as it is so much against every principle of Equality.

I have an extensive network of friends. People I have known for more than 10 years some for more than 20 years. I am lucky in that respect. I am also very lucky to have a good family and I am very close to my two brothers, their wife's, their children and my parents.

I also keep a balance between my Trade Union and personal life and enjoy being extensively involved with both. I like spending time with friends and love going out at weekends (yes even at my age..)


  1. Hi Nick
    Welcome to the blogosphere! I shall look forward to reading your posts! Good stuff so far!
    Best Regards
    John Gray

  2. Thanks John and of course I always read yours.. loll