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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Lambeth Unison

As I said in my introduction I have given up ignoring those who have chosen to go down the road of continuous blogging and have entered (after long resistance) cyber space with my own personal blog. I will do my best to make this site user friendly and informative but will also ensure that my thoughts and opinions (and I have plenty of those) are also published.

I am Nick Venedi Branch Secretary of the most vibrant, diverse and exciting Unison Branch of the Greater London region. I am proud that I have been elected to do this job by the membership. The job requires me to perform a multitude of tasks and gives me a high level of responsibility. I could not perform my duties without the help of key elected activists and key officers especially Jon Rogers who has been my fellow Branch Secretary for the last 3 years. Lambeth Unison has a membership of approximately 2500 which makes us the 7th largest, out of 152, branches in London.

The Branch holds a monthly Branch Committee meeting (every 3rd Tuesday of each month) where all elected officers are accountable to a committee of about 40 locally elected representatives. Reports are published on the Lambeth Unison site after approval by committee.

Officers are elected at Annual General Meetings which are always held in January of each year.

Nick Venedi

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  1. Well its about time then Nick. Better than facebook ah?