nick venedi

Friday, 13 March 2009

David Eggmore

I attended the after committee gathering of the faithful to say hello and good bye to David Eggmore who has been Branch Secretary for Cambden for as long as Queen Victoria was running the show. David was also Lay Leader of the Unison Local government committee. He reminded me of someone who was (not unlike myself) middle of the road socialist who was respected from both the left and some on the right (whatever that is these days..) He did a lot for London and worked closely with Jean Gelldard who was also another dynamic and fascinating true Trade Unionist. Jean was there as well as Malcolm from Croydon (I pay his salary as I live in Croydon) and Jon Rogers, the wonderful Marsha, Phiby, Mandy, Sonia and John from Barnet who is now growing a long beard (I don't approve by the way)

Anyway I put a very brief appearance there as I was busy back in the ranch dealing with the mess created by the CEL problem re Lambeth IT professionals and the supplement they get to reflect market level pay. It is a problem that will dominate my in tray for the next few months!

I would like to wish David a warm good bye and all the best.